Stand alone tablet

  • Separate tablet facing the customer
  • No change in POS
  • Fixed transaction fee
  • Good solution if you don’t have a second display on the POS

POS second display monitor

  • Use the second display from POS
  • No change in POS
  • Works with any Windows / Linux POS

Get started in three simple steps


1. Check if you need an additional tablet or your POS already has a second display facing the custome


2. Check if your POS supplier has a standard solution for Mobile Pay, Swish, Vipps or you might need an external plugin.


3. Get started with id24 and any Swish supporting bank as a quick out of the box solution.

Mobile payment adoption in-store is expected to double in the Nordics.

BSc graduates Henrik Bodén and Karin Bengtsson at Uppsala University have together with ID24 conducted a two-month-long study of mobile payments as part of their bachelor thesis. We reached out to the 100 largest retail chains in the Nordics. 68% of the companies shared their insights and the results are quite exciting for the tech-savvy generation.

Link to the study

right-picHenrik Bodén and Karin Bengtsson at Uppsala University who helped us with the mobile payment study in the Nordics.


If you need a new plugin from us then we will first need access to a demo POS. Once we have access to a demo POS and can customize our plugin, you can be up and running within 3 – 4 weeks.

ID24 is a module-based solution. It is priced depending on how many screens we operate for you and how many modules you have. A simpler solution costs less than a complicated solution. We have a target price of EUR 10 / screen and month for the Swish, Vipps, Mobile Pay module in larger volumes. This includes support as well.

Yes no problem, the stand alone tablet is always an option too then since you most probably don’t have a second display.

There are multiple ways to pay. The consumer can scan a barcode or they can also type in their mobile on the display and later confirm the payment in their phone.

This is normally a solution that would work via the Chip and Pin device. So if your payment device does not support this today you will have to update all payment devices to support this.

Yes we are, you can see this on their website.

Our main website ID24 is written in English. So we also wanted an info website to cover Swish in Swedish.